About Us

Media Trouble Shooter® has been digitizing pictures for professionals and families for over more than 10 years! we have the most talented and skilled group of photographers and photo experts who loves and value photography as much as you do. Our Team Head Mr. Subhash Bhardwaj is a photo journalist for the last 40 years accredited from Press Information Bureau Govt. of India for the last 35 years. Under his expert, artistic skills, every picture is judged with good eyes and terrific set of hands ensuring saftey clarity and quality. This philosophy of our's brings together sense of responsibility on our part to ensure that the cherished treasure of your memories is archived with utmost care and quality.

Media Trouble Shooter® is a consortium of Quality, comprehensibility, creativity, dedication, responsibility and professionalism.

What is Archival.?

The Term Archival is heard alot for protecting and preserving methods for negative and positve films, prints, and video tapes to maintain their stable state in the long run. Fading of colour, dust particles, scratches and transferring of oils are certanily the strong elements which can cause damage and even decay to your precious treasure of collection. By removing all the contaminants, fixing the colour tones and brightening the pictures, using manual and software techniques can, not only enhance the quality of your Negatives/Positives photographs and video films, but it can also preserve the life span for the future generations.

1988's Negative

Advantages of Digitization.

The fluctuating percentage of humidity in the atmosphere with time starts causing, fading or total loss of colours, curls in Films, attracts bacteria, dust molds and fungi resulting destroying emulsions gelatine and tapes hence turning your valuable memories totaly into a pile of waste. But with professional digitization your images won't age, scratch curl or fade. They will be easy to edit, archive, maintain, retrieve and view on computer with clarity and quailty. It would be like your have been transported back in time.

1990's Negative

Why should you Trust Us.?

If you want digital version for your photographs, negatives and slides, we will provide you a infrastucture with latest technology and team of trained professionals. Our expert editors will judge every picture with artistic skills, good eye and terrific set of hands to ensure the safety and quality. We dont use automated software fillters as a substitute, which makes the Real...! Real! difference.

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